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My name is Heath Curry.

I am a father of three, an elected community leader in House District 50, a legal professional, and frankly, I'm worried.

Like many of you, my family has just had about the worst 2020 imaginable! However, as our family navigated the new "normal" in the Centennial district, a pattern began to emerge. Our kids were letting us know that their friends and classmates were no longer showing up for classes online, and those that did, were not turning in work. With a little digging, I found that this pandemic has had a huge negative impact on our students and their families, an impact that is far larger than I think anyone imagined.

We MUST find a way to get kids back on track for graduation, back at grade level, and get families back to a place where they feel it's safe to send their kids to school. This work is going to require more than the usual lip service we  are all so used to hearing when our schools are in trouble. This crisis goes beyond just funding, we are poised to lose students permanently if we can't find a way to steer them back on track.  We know student absenteeism is tied to greater juvenile delinquency, lower graduation rates, lower reading and math scores, and a host of other negative impacts. 

This new reality means FINDING the money, CREATING a plan for kids who have fallen through the cracks, while PRESERVING the successes of kids who did well during this unprecedented time of distance learning. The challenges are almost too big to imagine. I have never backed down from a challenge in my life, I don't plan on doing it now. Now is the time for me to step up for the community that has always been there for my family and I.

If I can earn your vote, I promise that I will bring a compassionate voice to the Centennial School Board, a door that is always open to hear your concerns, celebrate your successes, and work toward solving the problems our students and families face. I will bring my experience as a  fierce juvenile justice advocate to ensure that our kids don't get left behind because we didn't have the courage to think outside the box and do what was necessary to get them on the path to success. 

Committee to Elect Heath Curry
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